exotic wildlife

Texas Safari Ranch is home to both endangered species and species that are extinct in the wild. Our goal is to help to ensure these species recover and will be around for future generations. We have many Pere David deer from China that are extinct in the wild but exist on ranches like ours due to world-class breeding programs. The Dama Gazelle, Scimitar Oryx, Lechwe, and the Grevy's Zebra are on the endangered list.

By staying at Texas Safari Ranch, not only will you be able to see and get within a few feet of these exotic species, but you will be helping us maintain the care of our animals and our breeding programs to help these rare populations continue to grow.

Just some of the species at Texas Safari Ranch:
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Red Deer
red deer eating feed
red deer at sunset
Grevy's Zebra
young zebra walking in grass
two zebras grazing with water buffalo in background
Rare White Buffalo
white buffalo walking across road
white buffalo walking through field
Marsha the Camel
Scimitar Oryx
camel walking on side of road
two scimitar oryx standing on a dirt road