Whether a first-time hunter, an experienced/seasoned hunter, or a client based hunter, Texas Safari Ranch will provide you with a memorable hunt.

With 1,000 acres high-fenced, and an abundance of exotic animals, Texas Safari Ranch offers a fantastic opportunity for the serious hunter to take a trophy class exotic animal.

Texas Safari Ranch has outstanding herds of exotic animals on the Ranch. All hunts are for Trophy Class animals.

Texas Safari Ranch offers the style of hunt you want. Typically the most common hunt style is Safari. Hunters will have to HUNT, but the opportunities to take your game will be plentiful.

Meals are typically coffee and juices before the hunt, and a full course breakfast after the morning hunt. You will return to the main house for a comfortable lunch. Dinner is a full sit down meal.

Our skilled and capable ranch hands are available to assist you in the handling and care of your trophy animal.

Aoudad Sheep - $3750
Axis Deer - $2750 to $3800
Buffalo or Bison - $2750 to $4500
Blackbuck Antelope - $2450 to $3000
Blesbok - $5500
Blue Wildebeest - $5500
Eland - $3500 to $5500

European Mouflon - $2950
Fallow Deer - $2750
Gemsbok - $5900
Kafue Lechwe - $5500
Nilgai - $3600
Nubian Ibex - $8500
Ostrich - $1950

*Daily Rate:
Lodging - $250/day (2 people)
Guide Fee - $200/day

Pere David’s Deer - $4900 to $6000
Pure Nubian Ibex - $6000 to $8500
Red Stag - $2750 to $7500
Scimitar Oryx - $3500 to $5500
Water Buffalo - call for pricing
White Wildebeest - $5500

The listed Trophy Fees include Field Dressing and transportation of game to local Taxidermist/Meat Processor. The Trophy Fees do not include the Daily Accommodations/Meals/Drinks/Professional Guide Fee of $200 per hunt.

Hunters can choose the Spot and Stalk method, Rifle Hunting, Black Powder, Bow Hunting, Safari Style Hunting or Handgun. Texas Safari Ranch GUARANTEES our hunts. If you do not shoot the game you’ve chosen, you do not pay.

All hunts require a 50% deposit at the time of booking a hunt. Texas Safari Ranch accepts checks, cash, cashiers checks, or money orders for the balance of the hunt are due upon arrival at the ranch.

For more information about our hunting programs or to schedule a reservation, please contact us.